Domestic shipping

Some facts about domestic shipping in Germany

  • The domestic shipping in Germany is especially important on the rivers Rhine, Main, Danube, Moselle, Neckar, Weser, Elbe, Oder and Havel as well as…
  • … on different canals like the Dortmund-Ems Canal, the Mittelland Canal, the Elbe-Havel Canal, the Elbe lateral canal, the Main-Danube Canal as well as on the Oder-Havel Canal.
  • There are about 7,300 kilometers of inland waterways, of it 75 % rivers and 25 % canals in Germany.
  • According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, Buildings and Urban Affairs (BMVBS), 56 of the 74 German metropolitan areas are connected to waterways.
  • Opposite to road and railroad, domestic shipping is the most efficient transport carrier.
  • A ship with a load capacity of 1,000 tons transports as much as 40 trucks or one cargo train.
  • The German canal system has a network of inland ports spanning the entire country and thus Central Europe.
  • These inland ports are especially used for cargo and freight shipping and serve the supply as well as the import and export of the entire region.
  • First of all, cargo ships transport containers, coal and ore, agricultural products, petroleum and petroleum products, construction materials, steel and metallic recycling goods as well as hazardous goods.